Urgent: Joey Needs a Family!

Joey needs a family!
If we don’t find a family for Joey soon, he may be moved to an orphanage instead of staying with his foster family.

Joey is a cute and giggly guy who likes to play and laugh with his foster family. The personal care and one-on-one attention he receives from his foster family is a huge boost for his development while he waits for a permanent adoptive family, and he has already learned how to walk, run, kick a ball, stack cubes, drink from a cup, play peek-a-boo and say “mama.”

This growth in Joey’s development simply wouldn’t be possible without the love and support that he receives from his foster family.

But Joey has been on our waiting child photolisting for a while, and the adoption authority in his country is losing hope that he will be adopted. If we don’t find Joey a family soon, he may be moved to an orphanage.

This would be a tremendous setback for Joey. We urgently need to find him a loving, permanent family of his own.

According to reports, Joey experienced some prenatal exposure to tobacco and has been diagnosed with epilepsy, which is treated with anti-seizure medication. He has also been diagnosed with a stable state of vasculitis, for which he receives a low-dose aspirin as treatment. Joey has some delays in motor development, but he has made progress through physical therapy. At 19 months, his gross motor skills were assessed at 18 months, but his fine motor skills are advanced for his age at 22-24 months! His personal-social skills were assessed at 16 months, and language skills at 9 months. He will continue to be monitored for possible mild cerebral palsy, but with the help of his foster family, his development is improving.

Joey needs a permanent family that can provide the personal attention and care he needs to continue growing his skills. He needs a family that is open to the possibility of cerebral palsy and that, if necessary, can provide any therapy or medical care that comes along with that. Most of all he needs a family soon, so that he isn’t set back by living in an orphanage.

Can you or someone you know be the right family for Joey? For more information about Joey, visit his photolisting profile and contact our adoption advisor, Caitlin Howe, at caitlinh@holtinternational.org.

DOB: 9/19/15 | NE Asia


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