Isaac Needs a Family!

Isaac Needs a Family!

Isaac is still waiting for a family!

Isaac is not shy of the spotlight and when someone pulls out a camera, he loves to strike different poses and perform. His foster family describes him as an extrovert who smiles a lot and gets along with others well. He has lived with his foster family since 2013 and he is very close to his foster mom.

He loves to interact with people, but it doesn’t come as easily to him as it may to others, because he has right ear atresia and hearing loss in both ears. Due to his hearing loss, his speech is delayed and he relies mostly on gestures to communicate with his friends and foster family. He definitely has the gestures down, though!

Isaac is fond of his foster family, but what he really needs is a permanent family that can give him the personalized care and attention that he needs to thrive. His family will need to have access to the medical care he will need, and be willing to give him the loving interaction, with a family of his own, that he greatly desires.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Isaac? For more information about Isaac, visit his photolisting profile or contact Jessica Zeeb at

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