Could it be Declan’s Turn?


Declan Needs a Family!

Declan Needs a Family!

Declan is a healthy little guy with Down syndrome who came into care when he was about one month old. Energetic and outgoing, Declan will seek out others to play with and he is especially good friends with Carter and Elijah, two other waiting children in his care center. They all like to play together!

However, Carter and Elijah have been matched and will soon be leaving the care center to be adopted! While we are very excited for them, that leaves Declan still waiting for a family!

Declan is also very curious, and likes to explore. At present, his preferred method to get around is to crawl and he is very fast! But he is also now learning how to walk, and can take steps with the help of a caregiver. One of his favorite ways to entertain himself is to throw a toy as far as he can and then chase after it.

Declan is learning how to communicate and can say “mama” and respond to his name. One of his favorite things to do is imitate others and he is very quick to smile. One of our social workers said that she was naturally drawn to him because of his consistently happy demeanor and contagious laugh.

The perfect family for Declan would have the resources he needs to continue developing, an understanding of Down syndrome and its intricacies, and the desire and ability to have fun and laugh along with him.

Declan Needs a Family! Adopt declan through Holt International!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Declan? For more information about this sweet little boy, you can check out his photolisting profile and contact Jessica Zeeb at

DOB: 11/6/2014 | China


Jordan Urgently Needs a Family!

Now 13 years old, Jordan will soon age out of eligibility for international adoption.

Jordan Needs a family. Adopt Jordan through Holt International!

One afternoon, back in 2012, in a care center in Southeast Asia, a caregiver was going from room to room, tidying up while the children played nearby. As she finished up in the last room, she walked to the door, put her hand on the knob and turned it. The door wouldn’t budge. She tried again. It still wouldn’t open. She pulled on it. Pushed on it, but, still, no luck. She was trapped. She took a deep breath and tried not to panic.

She knew what to do. Continue reading “Jordan Urgently Needs a Family!”

The greatest gift a mom could receive…

Your child is sick. Horribly, deathly sick.

Is there any worst nightmare for any mom — or any parent — anywhere?

As an adoptive mom of four children with complex heart disease, Andrea knows exactly what this feels like.

“We loved her, played with her, listened as she called me ‘mama’ for the first time, and soaked up every moment,” Andrea wrote of her daughter, Rini, as she and her husband prepared to say goodbye to the little girl they had just brought home from China — a girl who was not yet 2 years old, but whose heart was growing weaker with every passing moment.

Only a new heart would save Rini’s life. Continue reading “The greatest gift a mom could receive…”

Thank You Holt Volunteers!

2017 Thank You Video-Volunteers from Holt International on Vimeo.

Thank you to our amazing creative team of volunteers, advocates and supporters!

You are amazing.  Seriously. We can’t thank you enough.

At Winter Jam this year, nearly 6,000 concertgoers felt moved to sponsor a child through Holt — a feat that simply would not have been possible without your heart, your energy and your dedication as a Holt volunteer. Continue reading “Thank You Holt Volunteers!”

Single Moms in Haiti Build a New, Wonderful Life

Through job skills training and support, single moms in Haiti work hard to create a better life for themselves and their children, sometimes in the most wonderfully unexpected of ways…

Julia Joseph Julien squats near the wall and mixes plaster in her small yellow bucket. Her black hair pulled back in tight braids and a colorful barrette, she scoops then spreads the mixture onto a ceramic tile and carefully places it on the wall, making a tight row.

The Haitian sun is hot. This is hard work, and she is the only woman doing it.

But she is smiling — she is so proud. As a single mom, she knows that these new skills will change her life and change her children’s future.

“So many single moms are taking care of children and unable to work or be trained to work because of that,” says Mike Noah, director of services for Holt’s Africa and Haiti programs. “Some moms said they were in despair for the future, not sure how they would get food or care for their children.”

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Why Adoptive Families Switched to Boys

Andrea describes her two sons as among the best decisions she ever made. But she didn’t always love the idea of adopting boys… Even after she learned that it’s a myth that only girls need families.

“Did these realizations make me yearn for a little boy?” she wrote in a 2014 blog.

“No,” she wrote. “I still imagined how much more fun it would be to have a houseful of girls.”

But then, Andrea began to have a change of heart.

Learn More About Adopting Boys!

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You Are Our Greatest Adventure – China Adoption Story

Adoption is something we always considered we would do… some day.

After several years of trying to have our own biological child, we realized adoption was going to be our next step. Adam and I went to several different adoption orientations. At first, we were planning to adopt a child domestically in the U.S., since the rumor was that it would take 2-5 years to bring home a child through international adoption.

China AdoptionThen one evening, at yet another adoption meeting, the social worker mentioned that the China adoption process is typically quicker than other country programs. I am half Chinese, and adoption from China was a no-brainer. Adam and I looked at each other and — surprise! — we both knew that this was the way we were going.

Not trusting all of the signs right away, we still vacillated for a while, between domestic infant and China adoption. We did know from day one that unlike the majority of families adopting internationally, we had no preference in gender. Just like a biological child, whose gender you don’t get to pick, we were open to either a girl or a boy.

One night, as I was cooking dinner, an Operation Smile program came on. I found myself engrossed in the stories of children who received cleft lip/palate repairs through the organization, and the amazing work that was being done…I was in tears.

This was the last sign I needed. Continue reading “You Are Our Greatest Adventure – China Adoption Story”

Why We Didn’t Choose to Adopt Girls

When first considering adoption, Diane and Troy Sturgeon had a vision for their family — a very specific, pigtails-and-dresses vision that they could have made a reality. So… why didn’t they?

A basketball hoop clangs and a ball thumps outside, accompanied by shrieks of excitement. Loud, off-key singing and giggles echo down the hall. The screech of racing Hot Wheels erupts from the living room.

Listening to these heartwarming sounds, it’s hard to recall what it was I desired for a family — what I thought I wanted my family to be.

For the first several years of our marriage, my husband and I prayed for a family. We waited and longed and endured an emotional rollercoaster. Eventually, though, we came to the realization that a biological family was not God’s plan for us, and after much prayer and discussion, we embraced the notion that our family awaited us in China. Continue reading “Why We Didn’t Choose to Adopt Girls”

Tomorrow I Will Meet a Biological Family Member for the First Time in My Life

In searching for her birth mom, Holt adoptee Krista Gause meets her first biological family member — though not the one she expected. This post originally appeared on Krista’s blog, Adopted and Korean

A few weeks ago it was January 17, the first time in my life that I recognized and memorialized my birth mother’s death. It was quiet and it was sad, but it went on like any other day of my life. And then a couple weeks later I went to a doctor’s appointment.

“No husband today?”

“Nope just me, his sister is getting married tomorrow so he’s super busy at the office preparing for the day off.”

“That’s so exciting, how is he doing? Only a few weeks away!”

“He’s doing good! Taking care of me really well…he’s a little nervous.”

“That’s normal, how about you?”

“Me? I’m doing really good. A little nervous too, but mostly just excited.”

“What are you most excited about?”

“Well you know…I’m adopted… Continue reading “Tomorrow I Will Meet a Biological Family Member for the First Time in My Life”