Far Too Often, This Is How The Story Goes…

SNAF-HEADER-4Such a sweet face, they think. Heart tugged, they click the link.

And then they learn: this child has cerebral palsy or dwarfism or a heart condition. This child will require very involved, and likely expensive, medical care.

The cost of the ongoing medical care, on top of adoption-related expenses, feels overwhelming.

Discouraged, disheartened, they return to the photolisting to look for a child with a less involved condition

Far too often, this is how the story goes for children with special needs.

Families feel daunted by all of the barriers standing between them and a child with a special medical or developmental need. And they move on.

But we all know that these children deserve a family just as much as any other child. That’s why we do our utmost to remove barriers to adopt them…

When you give to the Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF), you can remove one major barrier facing children and families who deserve to be together.

Gus (left) and Neil (right) just received Special Blessings grants to help the right family bring them home.

Every year, we use a percentage of SNAF funds to award “Special Blessings” grants to children who need our extra help finding a family. These grants reduce their adoption fees, so when the right family comes along, they face fewer financial obstacles.

Case in point. Last October, on the China team, we awarded grants to 10 children. Within four months, seven of the children have already been matched with families!

These are children who previously waited months and months without a single inquiry by a family. Children with special needs ranging from cerebral palsy to dwarfism to HIV.

Now, these children have families. And all because of compassionate people like you who removed the first barrier families face — giving them the boost they needed to learn more about the true cost of caring for a child with special needs, and that lots of resources are available to help them along the way.

But this year, because so many more children with special needs will wait for families, we urgently need more SNAF funds to award in the form of Special Blessings grants.

Will you consider making a donation to SNAF today to help more children come home to a family?

Thank you for all you do for orphaned and vulnerable children. We are so grateful for your caring heart.

Give to the Special Needs Adoption Fund!

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