Exciting updates about India and other adoption programs!

Adopt from India! Learn more about adoption through Holt International.Adopt from India!

We urgently need families for older children (8-15 years old), especially girls who are healthy or have minor special needs. CARA, the adoption authority in India, recently featured over 120 children with this profile who are waiting for permanent families. We also need families for children of all ages who have mild-to-moderate special needs such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, Hepatitis B, HIV, cleft lip/palate, heart conditions and other correctable medical conditions. CARA featured over 350 of these children.

We are currently accepting applications from families who are open to children age 4 or older, families who are open to mild-to-moderate special needs and NRI families. This program is also unique in that it allows singles to adopt as well as married couples. Learn more about the India program’s specific parent eligibility requirements on our website.

For over 35 years, Holt has united children from India with adoptive families in the U.S. Through the years, Holt has established strong working relationships with Indian authorities and agencies, and developed a skilled team of in-country staff that helps us obtain reliable child reports and updates and manages the in-country coordination with orphanages. Generally, the process takes about 2-3 years from application to bringing your child home, but adopting a waiting child can significantly reduce a family’s wait time.

These children need the stability and sense of belonging that only a permanent family can provide. If the India program sounds like it would be a good fit for your family, contact us!

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Adopt from Korea! Learn more about adoption through Holt International.

Korea Program

In 1956, our founders, Harry and Bertha Holt, established the first international adoption program in South Korea. Today, Holt’s Korea program remains one of our most stable and predictable adoption programs. While they wait for adoptive families, most children in Korea live with foster families, which provide the attentive, nurturing care they need to form healthy emotional attachments and reach critical developmental milestones. Families in process to adopt also receive excellent medical information and frequent updates about their child. Most of the children who need families in Korea are younger with minor special needs. There are more boys than girls, and a family will need to be open to either gender. Could a child be waiting for you in Korea?

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Adopt from China! Learn more about adoption through Holt International.

China Program

Recently, the Chinese government issued a new regulation requiring registration in order for international NGOs like Holt to provide services in China. Holt was among the first 20 organizations, and one of only two adoption agencies, that received approval of registration — licensing us to continue providing all of our services, including adoption, foster care, medical support and family strengthening for orphaned and vulnerable children across China. Additionally, Holt is the first agency in China whose staff is legally permitted to directly visit children in orphanage care, which enables us to more effectively advocate on their behalf. Contact us to learn more about the impact of registration, and whether the China program might be a good fit for your family.

Learn more about our China Program!


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