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At Holt International, we believe that finances should never stand between a loving family and a child who truly needs one. But far too often, children with special needs — or much older children — wait longer to join a family. For many families, the cost of ongoing medical care, on top of adoption-related expenses, feels overwhelming. That’s why for children who need our extra help finding the right family, we offer several resources to help with the financial part of their adoption. One of those resources is the Special Blessings grant. These grants reduce a child’s adoption fees, so when the right family comes along, they face fewer financial obstacles.

We recently awarded Special Blessings grants to these 5 kids from China! Every one of them is waiting for the perfect family to bring them into their home.

Neil needs a Family! Special Blessings Grant
Neil needs a family!
DOB: 07/01/04

Neil is a handsome boy who came into care when he was a little over two months old. He has some physical challenges including a melanotic nevus on his neck and shoulder, a urogenital issue, and a kidney issue for which he is on a special diet (low sodium, limited sweets). However, Neil is still very independent and can take care of his own personal needs. He lives at a privately run foster care facility and is educated by a tutor there. He learns well and is being taught some English. His best friend was recently adopted, and he is now the oldest child left in the home. Neil has a champion smile and laughs and plays well. Neil loves the Hulk and is very active! He can ride a bicycle, paint and enjoys drawing. He is a bit of a jokester who likes to tease in a good-spirited way. His dream is to be a firefighter when he grows up. There is a $3,000 Special Blessings grant* available to help cover some of the cost of Neil’s adoption through Holt. Could your family be a perfect fit for Neil?

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Sophia needs a family! Special Blessings Grant
Sophia needs a family!
DOB: 08/28/10

Sophia is a beautiful little girl with bright eyes and a big smile. She came into care when she was about 3 years old. She had surgery for hip adduction and Clubfoot in 2014, and her caregivers report that she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 2016. Sophia can walk using a walker, and we have videos of her on file doing so! Sophia speaks some words, including “hello” in English and “xie xie”(thank you) in Mandarin. A social worker who met her recently notes that she clearly understands what is said to her and is good at communicating her needs. For example, she will bring a cup to her caregivers if she is thirsty. A $3,000 Special Blessings grant* is available to help cover some of the cost of Sophia’s adoption through Holt. Could your family be the perfect fit for Sophia?

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Frankie needs a family! Special Blessings Grant
Frankie needs a family!
DOB: 08/07/10

Frankie wants to be a superhero when he grows up! He has cerebral palsy and HIV, which is well controlled with daily medication. He can walk with a walker (see his video!) and express himself in short sentences. He can learn new things well and he goes to school every day, where he also receives physical therapy. He can count from 1-30 and recognize the alphabet. His caregivers say he picks up on things quickly and is especially adept at electronics. Frankie playfully teases others and can imitate the superheroes he sees in cartoons. Transformers are his favorites. Frankie lives in a small, well-run group home with other children who have tested HIV positive. He is popular in the group home and gets along well with his caregivers and the other children. A $3,000 Special Blessings grant* is available to help cover some of the cost of Frankie’s adoption through Holt. Could your family be the perfect fit for Frankie?

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Nolan needs a family! Special Blessings Grant
Nolan needs a family!
DOB: 08/15/06

Nolan is a fighter; he has had three heart surgeries, but still finds a way to play basketball every day. He came into care when he was about 5 years old and has complex congenital heart disease (DORV, VSD, PFO, severe pulmonary hypertension, etc…). He takes medication for his heart condition and knows when to slow down so he doesn’t get overtired. He also has significant myopia and will very likely need glasses. Nolan is a favorite with the orphanage director and other staff. He lives in a small group home on the orphanage grounds and attends public school. Nolan is a bright and motivated boy and can say “thank you” and count up to 20 in English with clear pronunciation. Nolan has watched many friends go home with their adoptive families and he wants a family of his own very much. He says that he would like to be an older brother because he likes helping other children. Our staff observed his kindness and helpfulness toward younger kids at the orphanage. Nolan has been through a lot in his short life, but he has maintained a good attitude and hope for the future. A $3,000 Special Blessings grant* is available to help cover some of the cost of Nolan’s adoption through Holt. Could your family be the perfect fit for Nolan?

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Gus needs a family! Special Blessings GrantGus needs a family!
DOB: 10/08/11

Gus is a cute little boy who came into care when he was about two days old. He has a urogenital condition, for which he had surgery, and an extra thumb on his right hand, which has been removed. Gus has been living with a foster family since 2014. He likes jumping up and down on the sofa and playing with other children. He smiles often, communicates well, and his intelligence is reported to be normal. A $3,000 Special Blessings grant* is available to help cover some of the cost of Gus’s adoption through Holt. Could your family be the perfect fit for Gus?

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* Special Blessings grants are available to families who earn an annual adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less and do not apply to fees already paid to Holt International.  Families who do not qualify for a Special Blessings grant may still apply for our Special Needs Adoption Fund grant.


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