Howie Needs a Family!

K15-243 Photos taken 8 29 16 (2)When Howie’s foster family plays with him, you can see his face light up into a big grin. He likes to laugh and his giggle can be contagious. He needs a permanent family of his own to play and giggle with.

K15-243 Photos taken 8 29 16 (1)Howie is learning lots of new things, like how to walk, with a little assistance, and how to communicate — which is mostly just babbling for now. He is going to have many more milestones to reach and he is going to need a family to come alongside him and cheer him on!

Before Howie was born, he was exposed to some alcohol and tobacco, and due to delays in his fine motor skills and some spasticity in his joints, his doctors plan to monitor for possible cerebral palsy. He will need a loving family that can help him through any potential challenges!

Most of all, his family will need to prepare for the bundle of joy that Howie will be in their life.

Could you, or someone you know, be the right family for Howie? Contact Kristen Henry at for more information about Howie and the eligibility requirements for adopting him.

09/12/15 | NE Asia

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