Malachi Needs a Family!


Life can be challenging, and when things come up that we think are too hard, we tend to give up. The easy way out is very appealing to most of us.

But Malachi is not most of us.

qing-dang-8Born with limb deformities of his arms and legs, Malachi has faced significant challenges in his short life. But rather than give up, he is resourceful and has a great attitude and outlook on life.

Malachi came into care shortly after birth. Although his knees and ankles do not bend very far and his wrists don’t fully straighten, Malachi doesn’t let these challenges stop him from accomplishing his daily tasks or solving problems he encounters. He also enjoys learning new things!

Kris Bales, our China Adoption Counselor, met him in China and was very impressed by his resilience and determination. While she was there, Malachi gave her a picture of the family that he someday hopes to be a part of — a picture that he drew with a marker between his toes.


“He also paints with his toes and plays a piano with his toes,” Kris says. “And he had the best attitude with a giant smile. He is just a remarkable boy.”

Did you catch that? Due to his limb differences, Malachi has learned how to draw, write, paint, play piano and much more WITH HIS TOES!

Malachi is an amazing example of how to face challenges head on and do so with a big smile. Check out the video below to see his creativity and skills in action!

Malachi knows what he wants. With a clear and loud voice, he introduced himself to our visiting social worker. “Hello, everyone, my name is *[Malachi], and I am five years old,” he declared. “I want a family. Dad and mom, please come quickly to bring me home.”

Malachi needs a family that is willing to take on new challenges, that has access to the medical resources that he will need and that can give him every opportunity he needs to reach his potential.

Could you or someone you know be the family that Malachi needs?

Please help us share Malachi’s story, and contact Jessica Zeeb at if you would like to learn more about this remarkable boy.

Date of Birth 7/1/10 | China

*Name changed

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