Danny Needs a Family!

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Born: 3/3/15, NE Asia


Just look at that adorable face, those curious eyes and that demure little grin.  This is Danny, a cute and happy 1-year-old who loves to eat and is learning to stand on his own. Relinquished by his birth mother who was unable to care for him, Danny just celebrated his first birthday surrounded by his loving foster mother and father, and two older foster siblings, all who dote on Danny and care for him with great joy. Danny’s foster sister loves to make him giggle, something he does quite often according to his social worker.  And Danny’s foster brother, who is married and lives close by, comes to visit Danny whenever he can.  “All the family loves this child very much,” Danny’s social worker writes.  “They all assist in caring for him, and hope he will grow up as a happy and healthy child in the love of a family.”

See, although Danny’s foster family loves kissing his soft, round cheeks, holding him in their arms and bringing out his bubbly personality, they know that what Danny really needs is a permanent family who can love him forever, and provide him with the care and support he needs.

In a year, Danny has experienced quite a lot in his short life already.  In and out of the hospital for various tests and a surgery, Danny has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease and a minor chromosomal abnormality that will need further observation.  But despite what he’s had to endure, Danny, according to his social worker — who calls him cute and lovely —continues to smile.  “We hope that he will soon meet good and permanent parents,” she writes.  “Parents who will understand and accept his medical condition so that he can grow up in a loving and settled family environment.”

Danny needs a loving family who is comfortable with chromosomal abnormalities and medical unknowns, and who can provide any therapies or medical resources he might need.

For more information about adopting Danny, please contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org.

*name changed

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