A Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF) grant helped Max come home quickly so that he could receive the medical care that he so desperately needed.  Six-year-old Max has no spleen. HIs body lacks the ability to fight infection, and every time he has a fever, his family has to rush him to the ER., Read More

UPDATE: As of April 2016, Lile has a family! Holt Ambassador Andrea advocates again for Lile, an 8 year old who has complex congenital heart disease. Her heart breaks that he has, as of now, had no families inquire about him.  The room was brightly lit and full of activity. Excited children clamored about and, Read More

Every day, orphaned and abandoned children around the world wait for a loving family to call their own. Some wait months. Some wait years. Many wait in care facilities where they are just one among dozens or even hundreds of other children. With caregivers unable to give each child the love and attention they, Read More

Why does the distinction between children who have lost their parents through relinquishment or through family death or abandonment matter? It matters because if we hope to create a world where every child has a loving, secure home, then we need to understand how and why women choose to relinquish their children — and, Read More

  In December 2015, Holt’s long-time partner in the Philippines, KBF, celebrated 40 years of service to orphaned and vulnerable children! Holt actually helped to establish KBF – the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, or Working Together Foundation, in Manila — in 1975.  With Holt providing funding and technical assistance, a local team of professionals developed, Read More

The year 2015 was an excellent year in stories on the Holt blog — so much so that we expanded our Top 10 list to a Top 15 of the year! In 2015, Holt’s creative lead, Billie Loewen, and I traveled to India, where we witnessed the incredible impact of Holt’s child nutrition program,, Read More

After learning about the urgent need for families to adopt boys from China, the Griffis family switches their gender preference from “girl” to “either” — a decision that has blessed them in ways they never imagined. From the moment that adoption was on our hearts, it was always China. As I would read blogs, Read More

As we embark on 2016, our top priority remains: to meet the greatest needs of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. So we talked with our adoption counselors and asked them, “What is the greatest need right now among children waiting for adoptive families?” The answer was resounding: “We need families to adopt, Read More

As a 7-year-old with albinism in China, Lucy needed the love, support and acceptance of a family. In September 2015, she came home with help from Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund and today she is thriving as a member of the Burleigh family.  From the beginning, something stood out about about Lucy. Jennifer Burleigh first laid eyes, Read More

The Court family expresses their gratitude to those who donated to Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF), which helped them to bring their son, Eric, home in 2015.  THANK YOU to everyone whose generous donations to the Special Needs Adoption Fund made it possible for us to meet the costs necessary for us to bring, Read More