Jaylenn Needs a Loving Family… Will You Help Find Him One?

UPDATE: Jaylenn now has a $5,000 Special Blessings grant toward the cost of his adoption. Help Jaylenn find the loving adoptive family he needs! !

DOB: October 8, 2011, N.E. Asia

Jaylenn in November 2014.

Jaylenn* picks up a toy microphone and tries to figure out what to do with it. He uses the cord to strum its accompanying colorful guitar – making the lights blink. When his caregiver presses the button on the microphone that makes it light up and play music, a huge smile spreads across his face and he starts bouncing and bobbing his head with the song.  His caregiver giggles in the background.

Jaylenn is a darling little boy who turned 3 last October. Up until last January he lived with a foster family, but he transferred to the Ilsan Center for children and adults with special needs for greater access to medical resources. When he lived with his foster family, Jaylenn greeted them with a bow and opened his arms when they came home. He loves to be held and kissed when he’s in a good mood.

During Jaylenn’s well baby examination a little over a year ago, it was apparent that he was uncomfortable moving his left hand. An MRI revealed that Jaylenn has Rt. Pachygyria, a congenital malformation of the cerebral hemisphere. Due to this condition, Jaylenn has difficulty keeping his balance when he walks quickly and has a slight gait.  He has weaker strength in his left hand, but it doesn’t keep him from picking up toys and playing.

Jaylenn knows 15-20 words, can walk alone, jump, go down stairs, grasp objects, put blocks in cups, and remove his socks with his right hand.  He waves bye-bye, imitates activities and plays ball. He is currently 37 months old and assessed to be 21-23 months developmentally.

Jaylenn has experienced several losses in his life — including his birth family and the caregivers he was initially placed with. He did, however, remain with the same foster family from the time of his initial placement, in which he learned how to love and be loved. And at Ilsan — a world-renowned facility for people with disabilities — he receives the nurturing care of a housemother and access to top-notch medical care. Given his multiple losses, the right family for Jaylenn will be patient, persistent and willing to access the resources needed to ensure a secure attachment. His family should also be comfortable with the unknowns regarding his brain anomaly and developmental delay and be able to provide him with any medical care or therapies he may need.

For more information about Jaylenn, contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org.

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* name changed

3 Replies to “Jaylenn Needs a Loving Family… Will You Help Find Him One?”

  1. …what can we do to help 🙂
    not sure we are fully ready but at least we can begin
    the steps so one day we can be three for a child/ren
    in need!!!!
    thank YOU for all YOU do…

  2. We waited almost 10 years for our child. You would think we would have been absolutely ready. I don\’t think it would have mattered if it was 6 weeks, 6 months, 2 years or what. There is always going to be the feeling of not being ready, but don\’t let that stop you. One of the joys we have had with Yu Xi is discovering her many talents, joys, and just how accommodating she is. My advise is don\’t wait until every thing is in order. It will never be…..Share the love.

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