A Forever Home

Update (4/02/2013):  Holt is currently not accepting applications for Sue at this time. 

Sue needs a family!

Born April 15, 2002, China

When asked why Sue wants a forever family, she had a simple answer: “So I can be greeted by my mom when I come home from school,” she said.

In just 20 days, Sue will turn 11. For the past 11 years, Sue has experienced many losses. Sue’s birth mother left her at a young age, and Sue was cared for by her father until he passed away suddenly. At the age of 6, Sue was taken to a care center, where she remains today, being cared for by a loving foster mother. “I would miss my foster mother if I am adopted,” says Sue, “but I want a home forever.”

Sue’s favorite subject is English. “I’m studying English so that I know the language if I have a family in the United States,” she says. Sue also like drawing, reading cartoons and jumping rope. Her favorite color is black because “black clothes are not easily made dirty,” she says.

Sue’s social workers describe her as “cute and polite,” also noting that the losses Sue has experienced in her life have made her “strong and resilient.”  The ideal family for Sue will have experience with older child adoption and be able to help Sue through the impacts of grief and loss.  She will also need a family willing to help her keep in touch with her friends and foster mother in China.

When asked what kind of family she might like to have, Sue is enthusiastic about her desire for an older brother or sister.  “I want an older sister to look out for me,” she says.

Sue is in the Special Focus category and may be considered by families who have not yet sent a dossier to China. To adopt this child, applicants must be 30-54 years old and meet an income requirement of $30,000 plus $10,000 per additional family member, with $80,000 net worth. More than 4 children in the home may be accepted.* See country criteria for complete requirements.



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