Cuddly Boy, Loves Peek-a-Boo, Seeks Loving Family

Help little Dominic find the loving family he so deserves!

Date of Birth: December 10, 2011, Northeast Asia

Dominic* is a handsome little guy with dark, curly hair, chubby cheeks and a friendly disposition. His caregivers say he is not shy with strangers, and very much enjoys playing paddycake and peek-a-boo. Now almost 14 months old, Dominic can roll over, crawl, sit alone and pull himself up to a standing position. He also reaches out to grab large objects and transfers them from hand to hand. On Dominic’s child development form – which includes a checklist of abilities – his caregiver wrote in the margins that Dominic likes to dance, and can say single syllables such as “ba ba ba.” He babbles if he feels happy, and laughs loudly when playing with his foster mom.

At four months old, Dominic received surgery for a subdural hematoma and continues to receive follow-up care from his doctors. Despite this setback, Dominic is developing at a healthy rate and he is ready to join a family! “We hope that this child will soon meet good parents who can embrace him with full understanding and love so that he can grow up as a happy, healthy child,” write his caregivers. We second that!

Dominic needs a family that is comfortable with the unknowns involving his brain injury and that can provide him with any medical care he needs.

For more information about Dominic, please contact Erin Anderson at

* name changed

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