Mason Deserves a Closer Look

Mason Needs a Family

date of birth: September 21, 2011, Northeast Asia


When Jimmy and Corrie Prickett traveled to pick up their son Finnley earlier this year, they had the opportunity to tour Finnley’s orphanage. What they saw confirmed what they had previously been told: Currently more boys are waiting for families in orphanages than girls. 

 “The orphanage visit etched beautiful little faces into our hearts and minds,” says Corrie. “As we walked the halls, we were greeted by countless children. Each of those children equally deserving of a loving forever family. Every one of those children, precious. The vast majority of those children, boys! I will never forget their faces or the joy that came from being given a simple piece of candy. We had been told of the increasing need for families open to boys, but there in front of us was living proof. Just days before, our Finnley had been one of those boys, waiting for his forever family.”

When filling out their medical conditions checklist, the Prickett family happily checked the box “either” when asked what gender they preferred. “We felt strongly that adoption should be no different than biology,” says Corrie. “When I was pregnant, we chose to do things the old-fashioned way and wait until delivery to hear ‘it’s a boy!” or ‘it’s a girl!.” Referral day would be just the same!”

In 2011, The Prickett family was matched with Finnley, a beautiful 30-month-old little boy.

Some of the boys waiting for families today are younger with minor medical conditions, some are older with no known medical conditions or special needs.  All are beautiful and worthy of a family!

One-year-old Mason lives in Northeast Asia. Luckily he is has been blessed by a loving foster family that is very fond of him. Mason lives with an intestinal disorder for which he has multiple surgeries. His condition continues to improve after each procedure.

Mason is somewhat delayed but is able to roll over, sit briefly, transfer object from hand to hand, respond to the sound of his name and say single syllables.

There has long existed a preference by adoptive families to adopt girls over boys. This may be attributed to the common misperception that orphanages are overflowing with abandoned girls.  But often, families abandon boys with medical conditions, boys like Mason, for which they can’t afford to provide care.  And with greater adoption of girls by adoptive families, the ratio of boys to girls in orphanages and foster families has reversed. 

Just like Finnley once waited for the Prickett family, now Mason waits for a family of his own. Yes, he is a boy. Yes, he has a medical condition that may require some long-term care, but we think this beautiful little boy deserves a closer look.

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Print Mason’s prayer card and pray for him during National Adoption Month!

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