Daddy’s Little Helper, Mommy’s Little Sweetheart

Trevor Needs a family.

date of birth:  January 5, 2012, Northeast Asia

by Corrie Prickett, adoptive mother

At the top of my list of favorite things are cards from my two boys. A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated a birthday. This year, my birthday card featured Alvin and the Chipmunks, complete with the trio singing a well-known tune! One might wonder why on earth I would look forward to such a thing. However, that card was hand selected by two sweet boys. On top of that, when that card opened and the music started playing, their eyes lit up with excitement. Without hesitation, the three of us had a dance off right there in the kitchen! I don’t think it gets much better than dancing and laughing hysterically with my children!

With that in mind, meet Trevor. He is a precious boy from Northeast Asia waiting for a family through Holt’s Waiting Child Program. One look at Trevor and you can’t help but fall in love! Let’s face it, those cheeks are just begging for kisses and loving pinches. As a mother to boys, I imagine toy cars, dinosaurs, and skyscrapers built from Legos in Trevor’s future. I’m also betting Trevor would love to be daddy’s little helper and mommy’s little sweetheart!

Trevor, like many waiting children, has some special needs. Born with some abnormal eyeball movement, he is currently undergoing tests to rule out cortical blindness. Although he is currently delayed by about 4 months, he can roll over, bear moderate weight on his legs, bring his hands together, and respond smiling to a voice. He has a few other special needs that will likely require treatment. He now receives physical therapy for decreased muscle tone. On paper, these special needs can seem overwhelming. But, as many parents to special needs kiddos will tell you, these children are the most resilient children around. For us, this has been the case with everything our son has faced. He has never let anything slow him down!

Trevor’s foster mother reports that he babbles well and laughs loudly. I can hear Trevor laughing now, as he dances along to the silly music card he picked out for his mommy or daddy!

For more information about Trevor, contact Erin Anderson at

 Print Trevor’s prayer card and pray for him during National Adoption Month.



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