A New Beginning for Phoebe

Phoebe Needs a Family

Date of Birth: July 27, 2006, Southeast Asia

As an international adoption and child welfare agency, we do all we can to ensure that children are brought into or stay with loving, stable families. This is our mission. It brings us great joy to see family photos of thriving and happy families mailed to us from our countries overseas and from families here in the United States. It also brings us great sorrow to read about the challenging histories faced by many of the children still waiting for families. When they enter our care, many of them experience love for the first time. We have great hope for these children because we’ve seen what the power of love and a permanent family can do for a child, regardless of their challenging beginnings in life.

Phoebe came into our care at 2 years old after suffering a traumatic brain injury in her home. After an assessment of the family, it was determined that Phoebe’s living situation was unsafe. Following her injury, Phoebe remained in the hospital for two months before being placed with a loving foster family. For the first in her young life, Phoebe knew what it was to feel loved, to feel safe. “This is a fighter,” said her social worker.

Due to Phoebe’s difficult beginning, she struggles with attachment and making new friends. She also has ongoing side affects due to her brain injury. Once suffering from seizures, Phoebe has been seizure free since September 2011. She receives physical, occupational and speech therapy and has made tremendous improvements in these areas. “She tries very hard to overcome her physical weaknesses,” says her social worker. Phoebe is described as a delightful young girl who loves spending time with her friends.

Noted to be scared of people who speak loudly, Phoebe will need a family who is knowledgeable and understanding of triggers that can impact children with a history of trauma. She will do best in a family who is open to the unknowns of the possible long-term impact of her brain injury, who has language resources available for her, and who is able to provide her with any ongoing physical and emotional therapy she may need.


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For more information about Phoebe, contact Erin Anderson at Erina@holtinternational.org.

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