Here’s Emma Dalangin, 5, monkeying around with some friends. Emma was adopted from the Philippines in 2009.  

UPDATE: So many families have shown interest in Holly that we have closed applications for her! Our China program staff has identified two families equipped to meet Holly’s needs and will select one this week. Thank you to everyone for your immediate and overwhelming response. The China program often receives referrals like Holly’s, which, Read More

Five days ago, 2-year-old Hyeon-a traveled from South Korea to Eugene, Oregon with Molly Holt to meet her new family, the Odils. Welcome home, Hyeon-a!   By Ashli Keyser, Managing Editor Eugene, Oregon — As managing editor at Holt International, I frequently receive stories from families sharing their adoption journeys. A favorite topic among, Read More

In July 2012, Holt adoptive parents Diane and Ken Matsuura took their family on the trip of a lifetime. In 18 days, they visited four provinces in China. They climbed the Great Wall and marveled at the storied Terracotta Warriors in northwestern Shaanxi province. Between sightseeing, they also visited six Holt programs — including, Read More

Holt adoptive parents Blake and Michele Haan have adopted seven children – three from the foster care system and four from India. Their youngest son, Micah, is three years old and has a condition called rare facial clefting, which has affected the development of his face. After Micah came home, the Haans put together, Read More

Birth to Three is now “Parenting Now!” Holt’s long-time partner has changed the name of its organization to better reflect its range of services for children and their families. Since 1978, Birth To Three has supported families in Eugene, Oregon, serving 93,000 since its launch. “Truth is, we’ve outgrown the name Birth To Three,, Read More

The second annual Philippines Ambassador Trip kicks off on Sunday, October 14th! This year’s team includes two adoptive parents, two adult adoptees and three Holt staff members. Over the coming week, they will participate in group activities, go on fun outings and generally get to know the 15 boys and girls, ages 10-15, in, Read More

A mother’s last request for her daughter—a trip to her homeland by Cherry Hedges, adoptee and heritage tour participant Once upon a time there was a baby Korean girl abandoned in a police box in Seoul, Korea. For the next 10 months, she lived in a total of seven different hospitals, orphanages and foster, Read More

A Haiti vision trip member recounts her time at Holt Fontana Village  by Lori Simmons, adoptive parent and Haiti vision trip member I didn’t know what to expect as we pulled up to Holt Fontana Village. This was the first orphanage that I had ever visited. Driving to the Village was a short and, Read More

An adult adoptee’s journey to forgiveness By Juliet Ercolano When I was only one month old, I lost my first family. I lived for five months in an orphanage in China. Because of the shortage of food, the nannies thickened our bottles with ground rice. I am told that we were kept swaddled in, Read More