Dancing on Tiptoes With Moriah

Moriah is this week’s featured waiting child. She needs a patient, loving family.

Date of Birth: December 23, 2005

Moriah* is a 7-year-old girl living in care in Southeast Asia. She is a cutie who loves individual adult attention. She loves to be tickled, and laughs with her friends when they dance to their favorite songs.

Moriah was born premature and blind to a single mother, who struggled to care for her newborn daughter and eventually left her in the care of Moriah’s grandfather. Moriah lived in her birth family’s care for the first three years of her life, but her special needs led her grandfather and uncle to bring her to a care center in 2008.  Her mother relinquished her for adoption in 2010.

As an infant, Moriah received laser treatment on her eyes that restored some of her vision. Today, she has some limited, near-sighted vision. Her left foot also developed abnormally, and she did not learn to walk until she was 3. Pigeon-toed, Moriah’s knees and feet bend inward and she walks and runs on tiptoes. But her gross motor skills continue to improve – and though her balance is not great, she loves to dance!

Moriah is shy and afraid of strangers, but is very attached to one caregiver. She will flourish in a family that has experience with visual impairments and is willing to structure their home and lives around her special medical need. The right family for Moriah will also show ample patience while she works to achieve her full potential, and grows more comfortable and loving toward her new family.

Last February, waiting child advocate and Holt adoptive mom Mary Leigh Brown wrote a post about Moriah on her personal blog, Shades of Brown. Click here to see what Mary has to say about Moriah. 

For more information about Moriah, contact Erin Mower at erinm@holtinternational.org.

* name changed


6 Replies to “Dancing on Tiptoes With Moriah”

  1. I pray Mariah gets the best loving, nurturing home that blesses her completely!!! I would love to adopt her if I could, being that there is more than 40 years difference in our age! Give that little girl a hug & kiss for me!!!

  2. Hello,I watched the videos and she is very smart and listens.I would love to have her but we just can’t come to another country like you make people do and spend money for a month etc.We are country people and live plain and simple. Plenty of food and shelter we have a two year old right now I am working with and it would be wonderful and a blessing if we had another girl for a sister as she is an only child like Moriah.We have a nice yard and a 28 foot swimming pool for sports plenty of books and toys love and company she would never be alone and both would be treated the same. I have written you before that we would love a child handicapped or older that no one seems to want but we just can’t afford a lot of money we live simple and take trips and eat well. The school is around the corner and we live in a small town if you are interested in a simple family with simple values of love trust and sharing, laughs,fun and caring,then we are them:)The Lord answers prayer and we are patient but children grow fast and miss out on a family who could give her the love and attention she will need. I will wait to hear from you again Blessings and Peace!! Psalms:139

  3. Hi Nancy, I understand your frustration with the requirements to adopt. Unfortunately, Holt does not decide policies such as required travel. Both overseas and U.S. governments make those decisions. As for financial resources, there are many assistance programs available to offset the cost of adoption, especially for a child with special needs. Click here to learn more: http://www.holtinternational.org/adoption/assistance.php. For more information about Moriah, please contact Erin Mower at erinm@holtinernational.org. Take Care and Best Wishes!

  4. What a cute little girl! My wife and I have adopted (7) children. What a blessing she would be to someone! God bless her.

  5. Has this little girl really waited that long? ….since 2012? Why? Hard to believe!

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