Endless Rewards

Boys in China are in desperate need of loving families

A message from Beth Smith, Director of Services for China:

I often tell families who come to Holt with the image of adopting“a baby girl with pigtails” that there is another wonderful option — Why not consider adopting a boy? Many people don’t realize that there are so many boys waiting for families in China. For couples who have entered the program dreaming of parenting a girl from China because they think, “only girls are available,” it can take tremendous flexibility to shift their image from a girl to a boy. Images are very powerful.   But for couples like the Sturgeons, who ultimately chose to adopt a boy, the shift allowed wonderful things to happen.


by Diane Sturgeon


Our road to adoption was almost 15 years in the making. My husband Troy and I always knew we wanted children. We just figured we’d complete our family in the traditional manner. After several failed pregnancies and an unsuccessful IVF attempt, we began to contemplate adoption. Initially we focused on domestic/infant adoption, going so far as to pay the application fee and attend some classes. Something just didn’t feel right for us. At first we tried to ignore those nagging doubts, but eventually we were led to watch a Holt-sponsored webinar, because other Holt families had recommended the agency so highly. When the webinar concluded, my husband and I turned to each other and smiled. This was right. This was what we were called to do.  Adopt from China.

Of course, there was still much for us to learn. After close to 15 years of waiting, we had certain expectations. We’d waited this long, we wanted the “perfect,” healthy, baby girl – shiny black hair in pig tails, a Cupid’s-bow mouth, and dark, almond-shaped eyes. Well, we DID get our perfect child, the perfect child for us.  That child just happens to be a boy and happens to have some special needs.

When we realized how long the wait would be for a healthy infant girl, we began to re-evaluate what it was we wanted. We wanted to complete our family. With discussion and prayer, we decided to trust God and be open to a child with special needs of either gender. God doesn’t make mistakes! We were

quickly matched with a beautiful boy whose special need was a ventricular septal defect (VSD).

Aiden is an amazing child with a gentle soul and a beautiful sense of humor. His smile lights up a room and his laugh warms everybody’s hearts. Happily, his heart has all but healed itself.  Our pediatric cardiologist called it nothing short of a miracle. Now, that’s not to say we haven’t met with challenges. Since coming home, we’ve learned that our son has complete hearing loss in his right ear and a few other minor medical issues. But what childhood is completely free from surprises or struggles? Aiden is a remarkably healthy, bright, 3-year-old with enough energy for two toddlers! We wouldn’t change a single thing about him. He is the light of our lives.  Our experience has been so positive and wonderful; we pray we can adopt a second child, of either gender, through Holt’s program again. Soon. We would, and frequently do, recommend it to anybody contemplating adoption. The rewards are endless.

The profile of children available for adoption has changed.  Click here to learn more about adopting from China

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