Hope for Hudson in the New Year

*Hudson Needs a Family

 DOB: 10/26/2010

 South Asia

by Jennifer Goette, director of programs for South and Southeast Asia

Working closely with Holt’s partners in South and Southeast Asia, I have the opportunity to travel frequently and see first-hand the significant impact of our work with orphaned and abandoned children. Whenever possible, I spend time with children in our care centers and foster programs who are waiting to be matched with adoptive families — families who will provide permanent, loving homes. One of the most rewarding parts of these visits is that I am able to spend time with children in Holt’s Waiting Child program. By talking with caregivers, learning about each child’s needs and personality, and taking photos and videos, I hope to give each child a better chance to connect with their forever family.

During a visit to India last month, I met a little boy who really touched my heart. *Hudson’s sweet smile and cheeky grin have stayed with me. Although Hudson is unable to move his legs, he is quite active and has learned to use his arms to pull himself along the floor with ease. He loves to play with toys and is quick to engage with the world and the people around him. He adapts well to new situations, and is described as friendly and cheerful by his foster mother. Watching him interact with others, it’s clear that Hudson loves attention, and particularly enjoys being carried.

When our time together had come to an end, Hudson waved goodbye with a bright grin. It was impossible not to feel a rush of emotion for this spunky 2-year-old with an ear-to-ear smile.

I returned from India a couple days before Christmas. As I celebrated the holidays with my own family, I found myself thinking about Hudson, wondering: How long will this little boy wait before he can celebrate holidays with his forever family? Will he spend another Christmas with his foster parents, or will there be a family in the U.S. that recognizes his potential?

With the hope that comes with a New Year, I believe this will be the year that Hudson finds a family. I know there is a family waiting to welcome Hudson into their arms. At times this family will carry him, and at times, this family will support him as he learns to navigate the world.

Do you know this family?

Maybe it’s you.

You will need a username and password to access Hudson’s information and adorable photos.  Call 541-687-2202 ext 150 for more information

or contact Erin Mower at erinm@holtinternational.org 

*Name changed

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