A Family….That’s All

UPDATE: As of May 2012, this sibling group has a family!

Help us find a family for these beautiful siblings from Africa


*Alex, Keith, Mark and Sadie don’t need fancy clothes. They don’t want iPods, iPads or a new computer. They have no desire to eat at the finest restaurants, vacation to tropical destinations, or play the latest and greatest video game.

There is something they do want, though. It’s not something that can be found in stores or bought online. This gift doesn’t come in a package, or through the mail. But it’s a priceless, precious gift. Something they want more than anything else:

“All they want is a family,” says Pat McConnell, Holt’s director of services for Africa, who met the sibling group of four in 2011. “They are so used to having so little. They want to be


able to eat. They want to go school. And they want a family. That’s all.”

Life for these siblings —three precocious and soft-spoken boys and a 3-year-old sister who they adore — hasn’t been easy. They lost their parents to HIV/AIDS three years ago and

currently live with their impoverished grandparents in a tiny, one-room house. The grandfather has fallen ill. The grandmother is losing her vision. They are no longer able to provide the care their grandchildren need.

All four children have tested negative for HIV.

“The children are in good health,” says Pat. “We need to find these children a family together. We do not want them to be separated from each other. They have a very strong bond.”



Alex, 11, Keith, 11, and Mark, 7, enjoy playing soccer. Alex loves school. His favorite subjects are math and science. Mark enjoys taking care of his grandparents’ garden, and Keith likes writing. At 3 years old, Sadie likes listening to stories and asking questions.

“They are all bright, well-behaved and active,” says Pat. “They look forward to having a family one day, and know that a family might be out there for them.”

All they want is a family.

We hope we can find them one. It may not be easy. But, with your help and prayers, we know that it’s possible.


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*names have been changed

*To adopt these siblings, Holt prefers that prospective adoptive families have experience with older child/sibling group adoption. We also prefer that interested families have no young children in their home.


Couples must also be between the ages of 25-44 and married for at least 2 years.

If you are interested in adopting this sibling group from Africa, please contact Erin Mower with our Waiting Child program at erinm@holtinternational.org







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  1. Praising God that this sib group has a family! They really hit a spot in my heart, even though I knew we were not their family. I pray they adjust well & find love that will not let them go.

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