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DOB: 9/28/1998

In May, six volunteer ambassadors from the United States traveled to the Philippines to meet 11 older children – 10 boys and one girl. After getting to know the children, the ambassadors returned to the states and began advocating for the children’s adoptions at their churches and through presentations in their area. Already, the ambassadors have helped 5 of the children find their families. Six children remain.

Ryan is among them.

An enthusiastic guitar player, Ryan brought his guitar along in May and played it for the ambassadors and the rest of the kids, even accompanying them in a song presentation. He enjoyed playing basketball with the group and got along well with the other kids.  Said to be very responsible, friendly and cooperative, Ryan would briefly separate himself from the boys when he thought they were becoming too boisterous.

Currently in 7th grade, Ryan can speak and read English fairly well, gets good grades and loves math. “He’s responsible doing his chores,” says his social worker, “and he gets along well with caretakers.”

Ryan will sometimes get quiet when he is upset about something. “When he gets frustrated, he usually apologizes a short time after,” says his social worker.

Ryan has a good friend who now lives in the United States.  He’s looking forward to the day when he can go home to a family in the United States too.

 Will you help us find a family for Ryan?

To learn more about Ryan and read the ambassador trip blog, click here to fill out a form. Once the form is successfully submitted, you will receive an email with a username and password as well as the web link to the Ambassador Program main page.

*To adopt Ryan, there must be no more than 47 years age difference between the younger parent and the child. Applicants must be married for at least 3 years. Up to 3 children in the home, 4 on a case-by-case basis.

Interested in adopting Ryan? Contact Danielle Walter at daniellew@holtinternational.org.

* name changed



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